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Planet Fanon Wiki (commonly abbreviated to PFW) is a wiki based on planet Fanon, a human-dominated planet in the Hyperus Star System.


Start and developmentEdit

The wiki was created in January 2010[1] by DZGuymed (now known as Dark Halo). In the following months people started to join, some edited then disappeared, and others stayed and managed to be promoted to higher promotions such as administrator and bureaucrat, like E-114, Zapwire, Dancing Penguin, Rodrigo X and ChordSectorθ and it reached over 10 articles, until most of its administrators stopped contributing and mysteriously vanished.

Reviving and deathEdit

Countless attempts and projects of reviving the wiki were made, but they all failed. A final appeal was made and all major contributors were called by, and some even said that they were going to contribute, but even so nothing happened and at the end of 2010 the wiki was officially closed.


After all the events, ChordSectorθ and Rodrigo X decided to work on this wiki, Creative Universe, as a replacement and sequel to the PFW.

Content made by these two users on the former wiki is being copied and adapted to this new one. Please keep in mind that this wiki is a replacement based on the PFW, but still a total new wiki and while Planet Fanon Wiki focused on the "Fanon" planet, Creative Universe Wiki goes beyond and covers entire new universes.


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