The Mordinatches are a race of superintelligent organic lifeforms that had originated from Planet Mordina, located in the Unirapte System in the Artemo Galaxy. The Mordinatches are noted for their hardworking nature, of which causes their remarkable tendency to develop incredibly sophisticated advancements in technology within remarkably small periods of time.


The culture of the Mordinatches has been exposed to the Solar Union through their contact with the Tellurian Human Empire. It involves strong willpower when it comes to working for the purpose of science.


Mordinatch space vessels were sent to Tellus during Gregorian 2168 in an endeavor to establish diplomatic ties. The space vessels had come from a planet the Mordinatches called Zauruinyt, located in a star system that was not very far from the Solar System.


The Mordinatch Empire has an extensive communication network that comprises of signals passed on from one colony to the next. In this network, a base in one star system that intends to send a message to a colony far way will first have to send it to a closer one, which, depending on distance, will have to continue the relaying process until the message reaches its destination.


The . They are manipulating plant DNA from our planet to cause morphological changes that allow them to create advanced biological weapons, crops, or whatever else they may need. The molecular hereditary codes from the organisms native to their planet could have been used instead, but the Mordinatches intend to have a multitude of different types for use in multiple disciplines surpassing various scientific purposes.