Humans are a species of bipedal primates under the binomial nomenclature Homo sapiens (meaning "wise man" or "knowing man"). Some scientists classify the Earthling Humans as a specific subspecies under the trinomial nomenclature Homo sapiens sapiens. Earthling humans evolved into the subspecies Homo sapiens technologicus (also known as Homo technologicus) after traveling to and adapting to life on the planet known as Tellus 2. Most humans now depend on advanced technology to survive. The few genetic instincts that had been present in Homo sapiens sapiens by the ancestors of Homo sapiens technologicus are now no longer in effect, and are replaced by pure intelligent capabilities.


Humans have developed considerably through time, and their cultural and technological advancements over time increase at an exponential rate. Their capability of interplanetary space travel are used to their advantage, allowing them to expand their civilizations to celestial bodies far from their home planet. Due to these capabilities, humans are distributed all across the inner solar system.